THINK QUICK | Adidas Spot

Written & Directed by Htet Gyaw 

Starring Toren Reaves & Joshua Leonardo 

Cinematographer | Omar Nasr 

Video Editor | Htet Gyaw 

Narration | Troy Mangram 

Location Manager & Boxing Coordinator | Toren Reaves 

Post Sound Engineer | Stephan Wunderlich 

Production Assistant | Ryan Wellence 

 Music by Vowl. + Ryan Taubert 

 Special Thanks to ROC Boxing & Fitness Center


Written, Directed, and Produced by Htet Gyaw 

Starring Kevin Sampaio & Jonathan Sampaio

Executive Producer- Giyeol Tak 

Cinematographer- Omar Nasr 

Video Editor- Htet Gyaw 

Production Manager- Raymond Knudsen 

Production Designer- Rebecca Gialanella 

First AC- Liam Nary 

Gaffer- Stephen Musumeci 

Motion Graphics- Herry Koo 

Production Assistant- Henry Cho 

Special Thanks to Marcelo Garcia Academy

WINDOW | Short Film Teaser Trailer

Directed & Produced by Htet Gyaw

Story by Angela Ko

Starring Milda Gecaite  

Gore Abrams

Sarah Flenders

Mary Bridget

George Gross

Editor | Htet Gyaw

Cinematographer | Sean McGing

Composer | Mimis Nikolopoulos

First AC | Jon Meyer

Sound Man | Andrew Litton

Make-Up Artist | Nellie H. Karabelova

Production Assistant | Ruben Abramov

Special Thanks: 

Swe Swe Myint

Karen Baum

Stella Kim & Green Castle Grocery Store


Produced & Edited by Htet Gyaw

Profile on dancer Brinda Guha

Videographer | Joseph Lingad

FROM FEAR TO ACTING | Portrait doc 

Produced & Edited by Htet Gyaw

Videographers | Shawn Baldwin + Joseph Lingad

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